HOD Message

The Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Ahmadu Bello University, is one of the foremost Departments in the country in terms of imparting quality Education to students both locally and internationally. The Department has undoubtedly recorded tremendous achievements since its inception in October, 1980. The strategic location of the Department, cosmopolitan nature of its staff and students, and a robust academic culture are sources of its strength. The challenges facing the Department are indeed enormous.
The previous strategic plan, 2002-2007, helped in no small measure in repositioning the Department and realisation of its upgrade from Metallurgical to Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. This strategic plan document, 2014-2018, is a directional tool intended to guide the Department while not limiting the future opportunities. It will enable the Department to align strategic objectives with financial and human resources, provides mechanism for continually reviewing and ensuring excellence in teaching, research and other engagements.
We extend gratitude of the Department to all those who identified with our course. We also take great pride and pleasure in the many and varied achievements of our students through their studies, extra-curricular activities, performance beyond the University, especially via public service and altruistic activities.
It is our resolve to introduce new methods that would see us competing favourably with other leading universities in the world.
Thank you.